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About Us

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The She Can Foundation, Inc is a 501c3 non-profit organization that fuels economic growth by identifying, certifying, and facilitating women owned business through training, mentorship, and financial opportunities.

Why Women:

Women-owned businesses are driving economic growth in the United States. They represent 42% of all businesses — nearly 13 million — employing 9.4 million workers and generating revenue of $1.9 trillion. Yet there is a significant size disparity between these businesses and others.

We deserve to feel inspired, empowered, confident and strong as women business owners. We deserve to be able to encourage one another and receive the resources to grow our businesses and evolve ourselves.

As women entrepreneurs, we are often met at the door of opportunities by our male counterparts. The She Can Foundation, creates unique spaces that are curated by women and for women to ensure the most comfortable foundation for women to openly speak, seek help and gain business.


Our goal is to:


Empower: Empower and encourage women to gain authority over their business

Create: Create a safe space for women to tap into their most creative space

Withstand: Providing the tools and mentorship you need to withstand through any obstacle over time



Nurturing a Supportive Community

The She Can Foundation is more than an association -  it's a supportive community that understands the unique challenges that women entrepreneurs face. Through networking events, workshops, and collaborative projects, we create an environment where women can connect, learn, and grow together.

Our Mission

Our Mission

At the core of the She Can Foundation is a powerful mission: to foster a thriving community of women entrepreneurs through strategic business outreach and dedicated mental health initiatives. We believe in creating more than just a network - we're building an inclusive ecosystem where women not only survive but flourish both professionally and personally.


Empowering Through Resilience

We understand that success is not just about overcoming challenges but about withstanding them with strength and resilience. Our commitment to breaking barriers and promoting resilience is woven into the fabric of everything we do. By providing resources, mentorship, and a platform for collaboration, we empower women to lead with confidence and realize their fullest potential.

Inclusivity at the Heart

Diversity is our strength, and inclusivity is our commitment. We strive to ensure that every woman, regardless of background or circumstance, finds a welcoming space within our community. By celebrating and embracing our differences, we enrich the tapestry of experiences that define the She Can Foundation.

Meet the Team

The She Can Foundation consists of an incredible team of entrepreneurs who are dedicated to helping other women achieve their goals.


Join Us on the Journey

Whether you're an established entrepreneur or just starting, the She Can Foundation is here to be your partner in success. Together, let's redefine the landscape of women in business and beyond. Join us on this empowering journey, and let's create a future where every woman thrives.

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